Liaison Larisandra Finch

Communications officer aboard the Prometheus.


Larisandra Finch is a quite tall (6’1”) and slim eladrin woman in her early thirties, who wears her long blond hair loosely, and walks with a gait that is typical of the grace associated with the eladrin. She generally wears a loose-fitting royal blue tunic and a pair of small, but colorful earrings.


Larisandra Finch is the liaison and communications officer aboard the Prometheus. She is the main operator of the sending/receiving crystal below decks, and keeps an eye out for sudden signals. She appears to know Charles O’Malley from some past association.

You do not know much about Finch, having met her only yesterday. The only odd thing you note about her is that her surname “Finch” is a rather…. prosaic name for an eladrin.

Liaison Larisandra Finch

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