Quartermaster/Cook Harvey Schmidt

The rotund quartermaster and cook of the Prometheus.


Harvey Schmidt is a somewhat short, middle-aged officer with a large potbelly, notable even on a dwarf like himself. He has frizzled russet hair with a growing bald spot and a rather unkempt beard. He is usually dressed in somewhat spotted and well-worn blue coveralls and often carries a small and thin tablet-sized board with sheets of paper on it. Tucked away in his belt is a conspicuously oversized wrench, which he claims to do “odd jobs” with—although you have yet to actually witness Schmidt doing work with it.


Quartermaster Schmidt, in addition to helping out with work around the Prometheus, also doubles as the ship’s cook, and there are ominous signs that he has an odd pallette—after you exterminated a few swarms of flux bugs in the forward hold, Schmidt gleefully gobbled down one of the raw flux eggs and saved the others to help with “rations” on the current journey.

Quartermaster/Cook Harvey Schmidt

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