Doctor-Aide Jonathan Wersald

Junior medical officer aboard the Prometheus.


Jonathan Wersald is a human male who is of average (5’9”) height. He has a full head of very dark hair and is fairly thin for a man of his age. He wears a pair of very thick spectacles and usually wears a white coat with flared lapels. The coat has a large inside pocket, from which he occasionally pulls out various ointments and sweets for snacking.


Jonathan Wersald is a slightly fidgety human in his early forties, and often speaks in slightly stuttering phrases. He has an acknowledged sweet tooth, and thus has an unconscious habit of popping a sweet into his mouth and chewing on it when he is making a routine medical examination.

He has not gotten along very well with Jarlic Stoneson up to this point, but remains a loyal crewmember.

Doctor-Aide Jonathan Wersald

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