Junior Engineer Michelle Burchill

Assistant engineer aboard the Prometheus.


Michelle Burchill is a short (3’5”) female gnome with a strikingly red, almost vermillion, shade of hair. She has a round figure, is freckled, and wears her hair in two tightly-wound pigtails. Even while doing routine work, she is often smiling to herself, usually humming and/or talking softly to herself all the while.


Michelle Burchill is a junior engineer aboard the Prometheus. Although she’s quite good at following orders and going through normal procedures, she occasionally wanders off to a different part of the vessel or loses herself in a private reverie. She speaks fondly of several experiments that she’s conducted in the past, and has shown a significant aptitude for alchemical creations.

During her off-hours, she is often seen with Watcher Zellex—either chatting with him, polishing him, or poking at his casing or insides with various engineering implements.

Junior Engineer Michelle Burchill

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