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  • Captain Denson Garrett

    Captain Denson Garrett is a veteran of the United Monarchy Wing, in approximately his late forties or early fifties. He is the captain of the _Prometheus_. Although he is often a stern and disciplined commander, he has proven time and again to be a …

  • Helmsman Charles O'Malley

    Charles O'Malley is the unflappable helmsman of the _Prometheus_. At present, you do not know much about him, having just met him only yesterday, but he seems quite competent and pilots the _Prometheus_ skillfully, at least judging by his navigation of …

  • Liaison Larisandra Finch

    Larisandra Finch is the liaison and communications officer aboard the _Prometheus_. She is the main operator of the sending/receiving crystal below decks, and keeps an eye out for sudden signals. She appears to know

    Quartermaster/Cook Harvey Schmidt

    Quartermaster Schmidt, in addition to helping out with work around the _Prometheus_, also doubles as the ship's cook, and there are ominous signs that he has an odd pallette -- after you exterminated a few swarms of flux bugs in the forward hold, Schmidt …

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