Prometheus ship

The U.M.S. Prometheus is an explorer-class vessel of the United Monarchy. Its keel is 185 feet long, and its beam is 40 feet. The vessel itself is shaped like a bird with wings extended in flight, with the head forming the base of the prow and the beak serving as a figurehead. The wings further extend the width of the Prometheus by an additional 50 feet each, although the wings are clearly not meant for walking on.

The Prometheus is one of only five vessels in the United Monarchy that boasts a residuum-treated meteorite hull, which makes the ship unusually durable and stable in wildspace. On the other hand, such a hull makes the ship extremely expensive to repair; there are rumors that the ship was retired from active combat and peacekeeping work because of this.

The helm of the vessel is a tall-backed chair with a slight cavity for the helmsman. This cavity molds itself into the form of the operator, so a goliath or a gnome helmsman could man the helm with equal comfort. The helm is affixed to the flight deck.

By convention, all vessels of the United Monarchy are seaworthy as well as spaceworthy, but the Prometheus functions only adequately at best as a sea-going vessel. Although it can hold an impressive 2000 tons of weight and still remain seaworthy, its maneuverability absent some outside agent is precipitously low. There is a keel, rudder, storm sails, and other emergency tools for sailing should the helm be out of operation and a water landing is necessary—but not a lot of attention has been put to their use, or upkeep.

The Prometheus has a normal crew size of 75, although skeleton crew of a dozen or so crewmembers could theoretically run the ship (although many functions of the vessel would be neglected as a consequence).

The ship has 10 ballistae below decks, five on either side, with four “spitters” (short range ballista which use alchemical projectiles) on the main deck.

Prometheus ship

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